First, the overall gaming market in India

India is a country with low level of national development, the wealth gap is very large,

so the game market focused on a handful of big shopping malls (relatively speaking).

And there are many piracy dealers selling games on the street. From the point of view of several major cities in India ,

the size of the Indian gaming market is very, very small, genuine and pirated market simply can not compete with China.

However, From the standardization of the genuine game, India market is much better than domestic, after all,

there are few tiny places a places selling games, which is very good to control the piracy issue.

1, Delhi

Delhi is the capital of India, from the degree of development, we can say that it is equivalent to the levels of Beijing in 80s.

Is some 20-30 years behind Beijing’s development. And there is a growing trend in the gap.

The city has no more than three large shopping malls.In the biggest shopping mall in Delhi,

there is no independent department selling games, in August 2005, India had begun selling DOOM3,

which is much earlier than the domestic market. Other European versions of PS2 games were introduced, and licensed,

which is better than the domestic market.. However, the prices of the games in India are much higher than in domestic,

PC games are generally the price of Rs 1,499 , close to 300RMB. There is large difference among electronic games

2, Bangalore and Chennai

As two software centers in India, you can’t catch a feel of digital technology from the view of the cities,

almost all over the city, only occasionally can you see a small minority, such as IBM floor (no more than 4 floors),

But there is one good thing in India is you can get WIFI access in the big hotels in India, but the problem is the speed is pretty slow,

so if you want to play a video game,I bet you will feel pretty upset.

That’s one thing you need to take into account if you want to develop in the Indian market.

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3, Mumbai

Mumbai is India’s best city, you can tell from the buildings of the city. There are a lot of dealers selling piracy on the street.

The Feeling of the Indian Game Market:

Less piracy compared to the domestic market, maybe that is because India is the second-largest software exporting country in the world, ranking next to the US, so they focus more on the IP of software.

As the Indian economy is growing fast these years, India is no doubt a big apple for developers and publishers.

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