To reflect the concept of “supply chain” in outsourcing translators management of, we should focus on how to built and keep a double-win situation with them.
There are five main ways to help us achieve the above goal.

A. Information exchange:
To be a professional Resource Manager, one needs to update outsourcing translators’ information in time, including their contact methods, the changes in the level of quality evaluation, the progress of CAT Tools use, and also the changes in their TEP ( translation + editing + proofreading) service, etc.

B. Encouraging policies towards outsourcing translators.
To keep a long term Win-win relationships with outsourcing translators, it is vital to keep encourage them. Without active encourage policies, it may be impossible to keep a long run supply partnership. The following policies may be positive in encouraging them. They mainly are raising the translation rate, paying in time, sending birthday or holiday presents, and writing blessing words via email or letters.

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If the company budge permitted, bonus awarded for well behaved outsourcing translators is also an efficient way to impress outsourcing translators in the image of our company. Thus, they will make full and prior consideration in helping us in actual and urgent projects.