There is a saying in word translation industry: good work is lost in translation.
In recent two years, along with the rapid growth of the domestic wine market, imported wine is extraordinarily rapid development momentum.

In the import process of wine, there is a very important part: that is translation. As the number of foreign wine brands as domestic liquor brand to millions, how to make it even more easily recognized by domestic consumers is particularly important.

From the strange grapes to varieties full of exotic wine brand name, not just introduce those of foreign origin and cultural background to domestic consumers, more importantly, those filled in a foreign language LABEL (standard bottle) are introduced and interpretated in a more appropriate way to domestic consumers.

At present, in the domestic wine imports market, there are already some familiar grape varieties to people, such as CHARDONNAY, it was translated as “Xia Duoli, Xia Dunai, Sha Dangni, Xia Duonai”, etc.; MERLOT, translated as “Meiluo, Meile, Meilu, MeiLuzhe, “and so on; CABERNET SAUVIGNON, which has the reputation of the king of grapes, has been translated into Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet, Sauvignon, Sauvignon and so on.

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As for imported wine brands, domestic consumers have relatively high awareness of the works are the United States No.One (OPUS ONE), France Rafi (LAFITE), Custer of Australia (PENFOLDS) and so on.

Some people have experienced a joke, a friend pick up a bottle of California SOUTHERN POINT MERLOT wine brands, and asked why the wines have velvet in surprise? Make people laugh. This also illustrates another aspect of cultural transmission and consumption of wine education is a long way to go.

So, in the actual transliteration that transliteration and free translation, how imported wines to create value in translation?

Following are the Chinese market a few imported wine brands, are some translation interesting discussion the processes, and sharing with peers.

1. “Sha Renbao” (SOUTHERN POINT).
That sounds scary, so who would dare to drink the wine, ah, terrible. But acturelly, it is a subsidiary of U.S. wine group called the “SOUTHERN POINT” wine brand first direct harmonics. If the press can say that if the direct transliteration of a trademark, it might be able to like the original British “poison ” the horrors of marketing cosmetics as quickly gain market attention, however, usually want to do for a long-term brand, but still do not want to take the risk.

And its direct paraphrase was, “South Point “, a short time did not find a better explanation for this Livermore Valley, California (Livermore valley)’s largest wineries, its intention is to show that the winery The Southern California wine regions of the core region, however, the meaning is not easy to express.

In order to quickly enter the Chinese market, and have an easy acceptance of the good name to domestic consumers, ultimately, after much times of sorting, and now it has been translated into the familiar representatives of American wine, “Sophie Castle, “which, “Fort “Winery is more of original word and has characteristic flavor. This wine has become the current understanding of American wine tasting class, entry-level masterpiece.

2. “Kan Jianeng” (CONCANNON). CONCANNON is a brand of American Wine Group (the wine group) winery’s flagship, is also the representative of the high-end wine brands in the United States and it has very high market awareness in Europe. CONCANNON is from the “Con-Gan-On”, “Con-Gan-On” has a thousand years of history has come from the most ancient Irish surname meaning CONCANNON family, which is formed when the Crusades, it has the meaning of “Great wisdom has no subtlety”.

Three areas as one of California Livermore Valley (Livermore valley) the founder of the wine industry began in 1883 CONCANNON winery in the United States than the famous Robert Temeng large dimension OPUS ONE (OPUS ONE) Greater fame earlier.

The first created wine of the small West (PETITE SIRAH) become the gift of the president of America Lee, who visited this place in1984.
For such a brand which has very strong background, how should we to do with the translation?

CONCANNON, not only the writing of its name of the is similar with Canon of Japan Electric (CANON) and the pronunciation is also the same way as, no wonder the brand in Japan and Taiwan, has a relatively high degree of consumer awareness.

This relationship may be a little bit. However, if translated into the “Kan Jianeng”, it is equal to advertise for Japanese electronics, rather than run counter to the American wine culture. How to translate and promote our domestic consumer awareness?

After several rounds of consolidation, the end, it was designated as the very American-oriented, “Ken Jiani”, because, with the characters themselves are more convincing, listen to names, such as reflected in its people, maintaining the status are better than all Free translation and transliteration.