The market share rate of Online game in North America has reach a certain level, with the popularity of Internet broadband services and bright development prospects, and the rate is continually updating, even supass the speed of PC game market share development in 2006.

Data from Games Encyclopedia shows that in 2009 the U.S. game market share of all games platforms are as following:t65% of video games, 26% of casual games, online games 4%, PC games 3%, 2% of mobile phone games.

Data shows that the leading game platform are video games and casual games, online games and mobile games have little opportunity. It tells that the network market development growth is 20% anually.

Social networking services and myspace developing at a rapid pace on the base of net users. Among them, Big Three of the social networking website game developers:ZYNGA, PLAYFISH, PLAYDOM staged the three pillars of the era. 2 years ago, November 9, 2009, the famous American software giant Electronic Arts video games (Electronic Arts Inc.) Announced 275 million dollars’s buy of Playfish.

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Big head in tradition online game expand into MMORPG strongly, resulting a more fierce competition in the market. This also contributed to PC gamers, casual gamers, video game players gradually shift our attention to the online platform, looking for friends to play online games. Currently, many game companies in the process of developing will cut the content of video game into the online game.

A game industry source said: “The recent North American gaming market can be seen, basic network service model in the emerging market.” There are relatively high popularity of social networking groups, groups of players and the combination of online game players can generate new player groups, the new group of players will make the online game market has been rapid rapid development.

North American market is the most important market for every game cmpany,and localization is the crucial factor for your success in the local market.

Localization,is not a simple translation of the text and then import the game, it tends to be integrated into the game background like culture and world view etc, and after some processing,the localization allows the local users to more quickly into this game. Diferent area has diferent culture,the United States and Europe is completely different form of the localization work.

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