last time i talked about Simplicity and Humor and Attractiveness about the Functions of Pun in Advertising Translation

this time, i would like to talk about more…

Emotional Transference

The employment of pun can strengthen the advertising capabilities, making unemotional commodity become rich with feelings and emotions to evoke a positive emotional experience of consumers and the corresponding intentions, and finally achieve the purpose of promoting merchandise sales. This feature is especially seen in the pun in the ad.
Associated Meaning

The use of pun makes people think of the connotation and implication it brings in advertising. In different contexts, people can have a different psychological intention to select a different meaning, to achieve a kind of psychological satisfaction, in conceptual terms to bring a psychological enjoyment (Daniel, Robert W.A, 1967).

The survey of advertising shows that people are more inclined to accept the interesting advertising, full of humane forms. In the ad, the ad producers try their best to pursue new ideas in order to increase the attractiveness of advertising.

Because of the unique style of performance and simplicity of language of pun, it is widely used in advertising. It can not only attract the attentions of customers, but also savor the meaning of them in a relaxed and humorous atmosphere.

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Short Conclusion

The ultimate goal of advertisements is to promote sales. The public service advertisement as well, is also selling a perception, so the consumer and the market should be linked closely when we work hard on the language use, employing the rhetoric device flexibly.

The paper has studied the type and function of pun working as common rhetorical devices in advertising language above. A good advertisement should fully take into account the psychology of consumer awareness, cultural background and customs in practice, making use of pun naturally.

In the process of showing the charm of language, the advertisers can also make profit. From the examples listed above, the good effects of pun are obvious. Working as a special means of rhetoric device with profound meaning and concise words, pun can attract the attention of consumers at the first sight in advertising.

Therefore, the frequent emergence of pun in the high pace of modern life can give the people a refreshing feeling. In short, using the rhetorical way of pun appropriately in the advertisements’ original idea can make the language implicit and meaningful.

Then, the advertisement can make people remember the brand and property of the product and arouse customers’ purchasing desire and satisfy customers’ psychological need of aesthetic feeling. Using pun in the advertisement is meaningful and thought-provoking and can make people experience the beauty of the language.

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