World has become a global village. We can see what is happening in the world from internet in a second. To deal with globalization and digitization translation is very important. Translation can be the fastest and most effective way to reach a wider audience. If you want to expand your business in other regions it is important for you to translate that product in their Native language.

Targeting Large Audience.

Research shows 28% of online users are native English Users .If website is not translated in native language, people will not be able to understand company’s message. Translating website helps in targeting more customers.

Research showed that Top three non-English languages used on the web are

Chinese (approx. 752M internet users)

Spanish (approx… 277M internet users)

Arabic (approx. 168M internet users)

If we want to expand our business in China, Spain and Middle East, we need to translate our products in their native language. Research showed that over 72% of international consumers spend most or all of their time online visiting websites in their own language. If website is translated in native language, You can reach the target market easily and can build a good rapport and emotional attachment with customers.

Search Engine Optimization

When you target consumers in different countries, you need a separate marketing strategy for each target market. Google is the popular search engine in US, if we want to excel in business, we need to use and translate second ranking search engines in China, such as Baidu and Qihoo 360 . In this way users are able to avail product and business knowledge in their language and can make rationale choices.In order to reach potential customers it is essential for companies to translate their websites in native language so that they can reach their potential customers and target audience

Entering a New Market

Translation of the products in Native language helps to enter new market and help to overcome cultural barriers. In this way Customers can also spread the word about product. Market share and consumer engagement can be enhanced if the content is localized and translated in native language.

Access to Target Market

Research showed 75% of consumers will buy from your website if website is translated in their language. 56% will buy unknown brand, if the site is localized so content in native language helps you to gain access over target market.

Happier Clients for Better Business

Globalization and localization is the key for global growth. Translated products fit local market conditions better and lower cultural barriers. Speaking a local language with the customer makes customer happy and build emotional Rapport between them

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Many companies are of the view that if they get into translation process, it will increase the administrative cost but it is other way round if you translate your content you can reach your target market in no time. While translating cultural and regional aspects should be considered. Otherwise some legal complication can occur which will not help expand business globally.