Differences of Legal translations between Hong Kong and Mainland China
Because of a few social history reasons and political system reasons, the legal languages are different in many aspects.

The following tables are some of the examples.

English expression in HK Corresponding translation

Supreme Court(the) 最高法院

Correctional Services Department 懲教處

Commissioner of Correctional Services 懲教署署長

Office of the Commissioner for Administrative complaints 申訴專員公署

Reformatory school 感化院

Independent Commission Against Corruption 投訴警方獨立檢察委員會祕書長

Inland Revenue Department 稅務局

Intellectual Property Department 知識產權署

Legal Department 律政署

Attorney General 律政司

Marine Department 海事署

Security Branch Narcotics Division 保安科禁毒處

Commissioner for Narcotics 禁毒專員

Official Receiver′s office 破產管理署

Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force 香港輔助警察隊

Commandant 輔警總監

Hong Kong Police Force 香港警務處

Commissioner of Police 警務處處長

Secretary for Security 保安司

Prosecutor 檢控官

Director of Social Welfare 社會福利署署長

Director of Planning 規劃署署長

Director of Regional Services 區域市政總署署長

Director, New Airport Project Co-ordinal Office 新機場工程統籌署署長

Director of Broadcasting 廣播處處長

Director of Marine 海事處處長

Commissioner of Rating and Valuation 差餉物業估價署署長

Commissioner of Insurance 保險業監理專員

The Ombudsman 申訴專員

Postmaster General 郵政署署長

Official Receiver 破產管理署署長

Government Printer 政府印務局局長

Director-General of Telecommunications 電訊管理局總監

English expression in Mainland China Corresponding translation

Supreme People′s Court(the) 最高人民法院

Judicial Committee of the supreme People’s Court 最高人民法院审判委员会

Supreme People’s Procuratorate(the) 最高人民检察院

Procuratorate 检察院

procuratorial personnel 检察人员

intermediate court 中级法院

law enforcement office 治安机关

peace officer 治安官员

guardian of the peace, security personnel 治安保卫人员

public security commissioner 治保委员

judicial official/law officer 司法人员

judicial office 司法机关

Department/Ministry of Justice 司法部

Labour education and rehabitation school 劳动教养所

Reformatory/reform school 少年管教所

Offender under labour reform 劳改犯

Police station 派出所

Attorney/examining justice 检察官

Public security officer 公安人员

Bureau of public security/department of public safety 公安局

Public sector 公安部门

Minister of Public Security 公安部部长

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