As we all know, the first sight is description when we read drug instruction. The original meaning of description in Chinese is “叙述”、“描写”, however, in the aspect of drug, it means “性状”. Its main contents are introducing appearance, chemical and physical property, structure etc. Sometimes, there are some other names instead of description, such as chemical structure, composition, physical and chemical properties etc.

1. typical words

1.1 expressing composition

be derived from 由……衍生

consist of 由……组成

be obtained 制得

contain 含有

be prepared from 由……制备

have (possess) 有(具有)

1.2 expressing properties

colo(u)r 颜色

stable 稳定的

taste 味道

molecular formular 分子式

odo(u)rless 无臭的

molecular weight 分子量

crystalline 结晶的

structure 结构

solubility 溶解度

injection 注射剂

insoluble 不溶的

solution 溶液

odo(u)r 气味

tablets 片剂

colo(u)rless 无色的

derivative 衍生物

tasteless 无味的

liquid 液体

sterile 无菌的

powder 粉沫

soluble 可溶的

solid 固体

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2. typical sentences

E.g.1 Folic acid is a yellowish to orange, crystalline powder, odourless or nearly odourless.


E.g.2 Intralipos 10% is a white opaque fat emulsion for intravenous injection, containing 10w/v % of purified soybean oil.


E.g.3 It occurs as a white to off-white, crystalline solid, poorly soluble in water, dilute acid and most organic solvents.


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