Time passed, and the seven months grew shorter and shorter. But anyway, I’ve learned a lot since came to CCJK. while I deeply understand the importance of cooperation and competition.

Cooperation and competition are two important factors in our life.On the one hand, cooperation is indispensable to one’s career. In today’s society, we cannot work along without other’s help and cooperation. Since I’m a member of a company, the working experience in CCJK to realize deeply cooperation and competition is a vast knowledge.

For instance, as a resource management, my duty is assisting the department of PM to finish the project. Sometimes if they meet the tight deadlines, we have to interact closely with them so as to finish the task on time, while cooperation is particularly important at that moment. To provide and contact the reliable resources are what we should do.

As we all know with the rapid development of modern transportation and communication people all over the world can get in touch with one another more easily and frequently. Therefore a harmonious environment and a cooperative attitude are very important if one wants to achieve success in his field.

On the other hand, competition is also extremely important. Without competition, there would be no develop. In order to stand out one has to compete with others, otherwise he would be eliminated out of the society. Also the company is no exception.

If it wants to achieve the leading position, it must complete with the industry. Sever as the competition is one has to learn how to compete, thus to survive. For the society is based on the natural fuel-Survival of the fitted. There is the existence of competition also has the place of cooperation.

At last a concrete example with a company, the staff works for a company and get the salary which is regarded as cooperation. If we are no longer work together, the company will die out.

In a company, everyone has a corresponding title in each department; high professional title can get higher wages. But due to the limited number of titles, and the competition will exist. When the staff has competition, they have to improve the working ability, we can learn faster.

Actually the cooperation and competition are relative; competition can stimulate our own ability, to form a continuous competition in the social atmosphere conducive to social innovation and development.

Both cooperation and competition are significant means of creating a better world. Without cooperation human life would be as aggressive and cruel as the animal world; without competition we wouldn’t have achieved an unprecedented success. To sum up, to be cooperative and competitive is indispensable quality in our career.

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