The reason why China’s mobile phone game market in the short-term decline in the outbreak will occur, not only from above as compared to the year and quarter year on year data shows that the market is still rising, and support mobile games from all aspects, there is the outbreak of the market prerequisites. These conditions can be divided into four areas.

First, the mobile network extending in all directions. 3G or 4G is the future and growing popularity, Wi-fi also continue to be the promotion, coverage and will continue to improve Internet speed, which depends on both the mobile game network provides a good foundation conditions.

Second, a wide variety of mobile terminals. In recent years, smart phones, tablet PCs, iPod Touch such entertainment devices and other consumer mobile devices, is whipping up the climax, the attendant is: With these mobile devices, how to play the role of these devices? No doubt, the game must be the most eager users of a class of consumer.

Third, the pattern of the operating system uncertainty. With Apple iOS, Google Andrews (Android) intense competition, with Nokia and Microsoft (with WP7 and later the future mobile operating system) this partnership, means that mainstream operating systems, including the pattern of increasing clearly, this is for mobile game developers clear direction.

Finally, the program stores demand. Whether Apple’s App Store more than 30 million applications, or Google Andrews App Store more than 200,000 applications, and other types of application stores continue to rise, means that the corresponding increased demand – whether the application store provider, or behind the huge consumer demand.

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Of course, had to be reminded that, in spite of these favorable conditions, it does not mean that every business will be in the field of mobile gaming smooth, on the contrary, those who pay no attention to the business strategy but will be defeated in the competition. To this end, we recommend that companies should pay attention to relevant aspects.

First, continue to have a good idea. Only by constantly developing heart of the game to sell the user can have long-term steady growth in the number of users. Meanwhile, in the creative, pay attention to technology, content and marketing well-combined. Among them, the mobile terminal should pay attention to touch, camera, portable, gravity sensing and other features in the game application.

Second, constantly looking for the blue ocean. Its follow suit, imitating and even copying other people’s things, it is better to find someone else has not been found in areas, which can also be referred to as segments or vertical mobile gaming, such as looking for different subjects, or for a different terminal, or for different operating system platform, or the application store for different platforms.requires understanding the potential exposure of people spending up to what the media, through their advertising, and interact with them and share them voluntarily. In recent years, SNS, microblogging platform has been more and more enterprises valued and used.

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In short, China’s mobile phone game without the recent slight decline too much fear and panic, on the contrary should be carefully analyzed the situation, identify their own position, and clearly understand the trend: large-scale development in the mobile Internet in the context of mobile gaming market will inevitably will continue its huge market potential outbreak.

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