About the project:
There are two MS Word source files in English and Greek. The target language of the first MS Word is Urdu while the target languages of the second one are Urdu, Bengali and Hindi. It is important to handle this project correctly according to client’s instructions and without mixed.

Client’s Instructions for the project:
1. We would like you to proceed with the translations. As you can see, the first file requires translation in Urdu whereas the second file in Urdu, Hindi and Bengali translation.

2. Please keep source for all the Greek in source contents.

3. In the file for translation into Bengali, Hindi and Urdu, I have added some clarifications in bright red, in order to help you with the translation. The clarifications are not meant to be translated. For example:

“For 10€ you can have 232′ to fixed lines or 323′ to mobiles in XXXX (Note: In XXXX fill in each time with the name of the respective country: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan)”

CCJK Solutions:
1. Create new files with name “EN-Urdu”, “EN-Bengali” and “EN-Hindi”. Then copy source file into every file according to different targets as requested. In this way, we can avoid mixing contents into different targets.

2. Write client’s instructions in emails and assign the project to relative translators.

When we received translated files from translators, we find that all the “XXXX” are still in the target words. They have not been replaced with country name relatively. Then we need to write emails again to three translators separately and remind them to do revisions which cost us more time and energy in this project.

In order to avoid the same thing happen in the future, we should replace “XXXX” into the relative country name in the source file to translators. For example, in the source file to Hindi translator, we can revise as bellow:

Change “For 10€ you can have 232′ to fixed lines or 323′ to mobiles in XXXX” into “For 10€ you can have 232′ to fixed lines or 323′ to mobiles in India”

About CCJK
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