About The Project

The project design requirements including:

1. According to first phase plan, there are one hundred thousand people will use it.

2. Android and iphone system.

3. The basic function in front end as following:

1) Information registration function.

2) Follow-up information management.

3) In the form of calendar records patients medication daily status.

4) Hospital doctors introduction information.

5) Medical and pharmaceutical industry knowledge introduction.

6) Information push.

7) The patients evaluate for customer service satisfaction.

8) Bonus points.

9) Health calculation tools, including enter the data and calculate the standard value.

4. The basic function in the back-end as following:

1) Editing function

2) App usage statistics, such as how many people, what kind of people, in what time, use the App what function.

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Our solution for App software design:

When we get this project, we first analysis and provide our best proposal with price and developing cycle.

There are 9 function points need to be developed in the front end, there are including:

1. Patients registration basic information, including: Patients name, gender, date of birth, age, height, weight, contact information, hospitals, doctor’s name, customer service staff and their contact information, etc.;

2. Follow-up information management, that is recording the patients’ different points in time information, includes: patients height, weight, medical information and so on.

And according to the measurement of time in the corresponding graph reflect growth trend(Growth curve); According to parents’ height information calculation target height.

3. In the form of calendar records patients medication daily status, including refuse to use medicine, did not use medicine, fever etc. ; Of patients with medication information statistics, including: total days of medication, days without medication, the total number of drug dose, the number of days with medication in one month, patients compliance percentage, etc.;

4. The specialist doctors information: Time information specialist doctor visits, Hospital address and map navigation, outpatient phone, registration links etc.

5. Articles, video, documents, growth and development of knowledge, related website links, patients general articles, the electronic magazines etc.;

6. Push notifications function, including the patient’s return-visit follow up, remind of buying medicine, the patient education meeting information will be pushed by hospitals, patients birthday, festival remind, the customer service staff return visiting remind etc.

7. The patients evaluate for customer service satisfaction, including telephone return visit satisfaction reviews and family visit satisfaction review.

8. Bonus points feedback activities page display.

9. The standard deviation calculation tools for height and weight, that is if we have patients’gender, date of birth, as long as is what is the current height and weight, the height of the current standard deviation can be calculated, BMI value;

Our engineer takes 6 hours to evaluate this project, he found that we have already developed this kind of system, may be 70% same, system is easy to develop but time consuming. Because of this, we calculate our best price and provide our best price as following:

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Resource type

No. of resources

Man days for each resource

Total man days for each resource type





Front end developer




Java/PHP developer




Android developer




IOS Developer














Cost per day: 500 RMB

Total man days: 544

Total cost: 272,000 RMB

Finally the client confirms this project and we begin to develop according to the details in the contract. All things are going well and this project is going to be finished around March, the client is very satisfied with our working attitude and they are happy to cooperate with us.


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