About the project

The Client has several localized e-store sites that are changing their platforms and they need a test for text search in these new sites to fix some technical problems during online shopping. It will take 3 hours for each site. In order to see the rest area, it is required to install the VPN on the web tester’s computer.

CCJK Solution

The Client sent the list of URL addresses for testing the Chinese sites. A template including Man, woman and kids sheets must be completed on specific instructions during perform the test. Below are the instructions for this job.

(a) The first column of the template is including a list of Italian key words for searching. As the research must be carried out in their localized language. Therefore those key words need to be translated into Chinese.

(b) The key words including single goods, such us shoes, shirt, dress. In order to intimate the customer’s searching habits and possible scenario would happen in online shopping, the tester should try to use some synonyms and misspelled words for every item.

(c) Advanced search like: item + color + material, item + measurement should also be tested for every site.

(d) All search results should be filled in the Results column, if all goes well, the tester just mark OK. If we try to search a hat, but the result turn out to be a dress. In this case, the problem should be briefly recorded in results column. And in next step, the tester is required to paste full screenshot of the problem if necessary.

(e) With CCJK One-stop e-store test solution, the client can have the whole package of worry-free professional test services.

About Client

The client is a leading internet mail order retailer of multiband clothing and accessories. Founded in 2000, the client has offices and operations in the United States, Europe, Japan, China and Hong Kong and delivers to more than 100 countries worldwide.


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