About De Block

De Block Technologies is a one-stop solution for web development and social media setup related services. The company business domain including Facebook Business Pages and Profiles Setup,
Personal & Company LinkedIn Profiles Setup, Twitter , YouTube & Other Video Sites Setup, Development of custom social media share modules and reservation systems for hotels & restaurants.


1. As the client himself is a website engineering specialist, He wanted to build a Chinese website to explore the China, Hongkong and Taiwan market. Then he created a login for us on his website to see the exact pages to translate from English into Chinese. The pages are only visible for translators.

2. The Client never used somebody else to have his texts translated; He is a little bit worried about the translation accuracy and quality. But after a serious consideration and back & forth communication, the client decided to use CCJK professional Chinese translation services.

3. The website content is social media filed. It is important for the translated content to carry on the same style and layout, as well as same language style as the source sites, to produce a general impression, and to reach a better corporate communication effect.

4. When translation, it should pay great attention to the Error messages, pop-up alerts and HTML Meta elements like page titles, search keywords, page descriptions and “alt” tags. All these may be easily ignored; however they are extremely important to properly localize them to ensure visitors follow the correct online path and to make your website Search Engine friendly.

CCJK Solutions for De Block

CCJK have developed, enhanced, and implemented a standardized translation lifecycle. Work starts well before a text arrives for translation, and continues after it has been delivered. By clearly defining efficient procedures, our quality system helps ensure best practice every time, minimizing problems and their potential consequences. In addition, any issues that do arise can be investigated and resolved quickly, and the necessary conclusions drawn and implemented.

Our translations are done entirely by native speak Chinese; CCJK has more than 30 in-House Chinese translators. All our linguists are required to have relevant academic qualifications, and have passed CCJK’s own internal quality assurance process. Our translations are double-checked to ensure the best use of words. Linguistic accuracy and technical precision are paramount.

CCJK is dedicated to ensure that the client’s website translation reads like marketing text written by a native speaker, while rendering all the technical details of the source text correctly. If Clients detect any bugs and are not satisfied with our delivery, we’ll perform another round of review by 3rd independent reviewer at our own cost, until our clients accept the jobs with 100% satisfaction.

About CCJK

With 12 yeas growth and development, CCJK provides a wide range of Localization/Translation and Graphic/Web Design services to help organizations expand their businesses internationally into every corner of the world. With a dedicated team of highly qualified and disciplined professionals who are equipped with cutting-edge techniques, our mission is to arrange and optimize adequate resources to deliver the best quality in the most reasonable lead time. We cherish quality as much as efficiency and never sacrifice these values by accepting unrealistic projects or deadlines. Quality and customer satisfaction are our main priorities! If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Chelsea at [email protected]