About The Project

The project design requirements including:

1) Games Platform Web and Android App Development

2) Chinese and English version

3) Backend management of APP client should be integrated into that of Web.

4) APP is not supposed to shutdown suddenly or restart as possible, Client size should be about 5M as possible.

5) Cloud server is adopted to maintain the stability when downloading.

6) The server framework should be concise, so it is suitable for later extension/expanding and future development.

7) APP should support the function of arrow (Up and Down) key selection.

Our solution for Web and App design

CCJK IT department has PHP, Java experts who can provide one-stop solution for clients in Web and App development.

We have domestic and overseas engineers who are very excellent in English and Chinese, when we get the detailed project requirements, we first analyse and then present our proposal to client for confirming.

In our proposal, we elaborate our developing plan, how many people will join in this project? Our best quotation? And so on.

When everything is confirmed well, we begin our cooperation according to the contract. We make a WebApp project schedule in order to good control the progress of this project.

From step to step, we submit Web and App prototype, then our UI design, at the same time, we conduct the front-end and back-end development in our side.

For each function module, we also show the DEMO to client from time to time.

The client are very satisfied with our hardworking and good gesture to their project, because of our professional knowledge, hardworking attitude, and excellent work, they will work with us again.

About Client

As a domestic leading software company, they mainly operate in Game platform, in order to enlarge their overseas business; we help them develop the Web and Android App Platform.


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