Camera and 3D Printer to Duplicate Master Keys

当我们享受着 3D 打印带来的各种便利时,也要小心啦,还有很多掌握 3D 打印技术的“坏人 ” 们正垂涎三尺的看着你哦。

While we enjoy the convenience brought by 3D printing, we must notice that the 3D printing technology also brings convenience to “criminals”.

据 Wired 消息,国外的两名攻城狮 Jos Weyers 和 Christian Holler,利用了最简单有效的开锁方法,也就是撞匙开锁法,即使没有原装钥匙,也可以 3D 打印出可以开大部分锁的万能钥匙。

As reported by Wired, two engineers abroad, Jos Weyers and Christian Holler, have managed to 3D-print a master key can open the most locks even without the original key using the simplest and effective unlocking method (unlocking with bump key).

Jos Weyers 和 Christian Holler 发明了一款软件 Photobump 根据锁眼结构等信息来 3D 建模,利用撞匙开锁法,3D 打印出撞匙,插进锁中,利用锤子拍打撞匙,打开锁。据说,只要能有锁眼的照片和锁眼的深度,就可以打印出相应的撞匙。用户即使没有高质量的 3D 打印机,也可以利用 Shapeways 或者 i.Materialise 这样的 3D 打印服务打印出撞匙。

Jos Weyers and Christian Holler developed a software named Photobump to build 3D models with information such as keyhole structure; with the models, bump keys can be printed out by 3D printer, then inserted into locks and hit by hammers to open the locks. It is said that any bump keys can be printed out with photos and depth of corresponding key holes. Even without an high quality 3D printer, users can also utilize 3D printing service such as Shapeways or i.Materialise to print out bump keys.

看到这里,整个人都不好啦。这个世界太危险啦,大家可以洗洗回火星了。不过,唯一比较庆幸的是,两位攻城狮并没有打算公开 Photobump 软件,只是想给锁具厂商提个醒。3D 打印的时代来了,任何人都有可能以低价拥有一台 3D 打印机或者享受到 3D 打印服务,像制作撞匙这种曾经难度系数高的的技术活,门槛也正在消失。科技从来都是一把双刃剑,很多时候都只能寄希望于拥有他的人用来造福人。

We may feel bad when hearing this news, because it sounds very dangerous. But fortunately, Jos Weyers and Christian Holler have no plan to release Photobump and they only intend to alert lock manufacturers for this. As the 3D printing era comes, any person can afford to a 3D printer or enjoy 3D printing services and some processes once being difficult, such fabricating a bump key, becomes easier. The technology is always a double-edged sword and many times, we can only pin our hopes on those owning it to use it for benefits of people.

From: The 36Kr

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