Italian (L’italiano) is a kind of Romance languages. Italian together with French, Spanish are relatives, are developed from popular Latin. Many people believe that Italian is the most beautiful language in the world. Some people praise Italian as clear as the wind, and the vocabulary like flowers in full bloom. Italian is known as the most artistic language, as well as richest musical language.

As a great media of Renaissance, Italian ever had played a profound impact to other Western European languages. People in other 29 countries speak Italian, five of which make it as their official language. Formal Italian is Tuscan Italian dialect. In recent years, some accents from economic center Milan are added into formal Italian.

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The writing of Italian is rich in artistic and beautiful feelings. Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli and many other great artists are from Italy. Italian Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance. The capital Rome has a long history and it is renowned all over the world.

Italian Language alphabets and some common vocabularies


Aa[a] Bb[bi] Cc[chi] Dd[di] Ee[e] Ff[effe] Gg[ji] Hh[aga] Ii[i] Ll[elle] Mm[emme] Nn[enno] Oo[o] Pp[bi] Qq[gu] Rr[erle] Ss[esse] Tt[di] Uu[u] Vv[vi] Zz[zeda]


January—gennaio February—febbraio March—marzo April—aprile May—maggio
June—giugno July—luglio August—agosto September—settembre
October—ottobre November—novembre December—dicembre


Monday—lunedì Tuesday—martedì Wednesday—mercoledì Thursday—giovedì
Friday—venerdì Saturday—sabato Sunday—domenica

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