AppleCare+ 出来的比 AppleCare 晚,后者的精神就一句话:“苹果爱你。” 后出的呢?“苹果更爱你了。”
AppleCare+ comes out later than AppleCare. The latter means a piece of word, “Apple cares about you.” How about the later one? “Apple cares about you more.”

它俩说白了就是设备保修套餐,相当于一种保险,而 “爱” 与 “更爱” 的区别就在于出了意外状况我也照样负责任——AppleCare+ 捆绑了AppleCare,在这个基础上加入了(规定时间内)碎屏、进水等意外物理损伤事故下的维修及更换。目前它的覆盖时长是90天(免费支持)+2年(套餐时间),对于盯着 WWDC 一、两年就换新品的人来说是尤其厚道。

In fact, the two services are device warranty packages, equivalent to a kind of insurance. And the difference between “caring about you” and “caring about you more” lies in the support for the accidents – AppleCare+ extends the repair and replacement coverage to such accidental physical damage incidents as screen smashing, exposure to the water damage and others. Now it offers 90 days (complimentary support) + 2 years (package period) coverage, which is of great benefits to those who pay attention to WWDC to upgrade their old devices with newer ones once a year or two.

如今苹果有意对保修套餐进行重要更新,原则是让 AppleCare 逐步退出 iOS 设备保险的历史舞台,集中心力让 AppleCare+ 购买率激增,怎么做?大概两点:一、新政即日起在美、加、日生效,其他市场陆续更进。二、将 AppleCare+ 的 “购买窗口”,也就是限购时长从购买相应设备后 30 天延长到 60 天(除了日本),同时提供多种购买方式:官网在线商店、苹果店,以及在线诊断工具的内购选项。时间上,顾客有更长时间考虑要不要买,便捷度上,顾客想买还能买得爽。这样看,至少苹果给出的诚意是很足的。

Today, with the intention to improve the warranty packages significantly, in principle, Apple will concentrate on the sales of the AppleCare+ for surge in the purchase rate, while discontinue the AppleCare for gradual fading from the IOS device warranty. How could Apple do that? Two points: first, the new change will go into effect today in the U.S., Canada, and Japan, and will likely take place in other markets successively.

Secondly, the AppleCare purchase window extends the limited time of purchase from 30 days to 60 days (except for Japan) and it can be purchased via Apple’s Online Store, Apple Store and the inside purchase options of the online diagnostic tools. This gives more time to consumers to decide if they need to buy and more comfort to buy in terms of convenience. From that point, at least Apple shows enough sincerity.

顺带说一句,现在 iPhone 和 iPad 设备 AppleCare+ 的售价是 99 美元。
By the way, currently, the AppleCare+ for iPhone and iPad is subject to $99.

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