Alibaba “Farmland Pay”: Fundraising Goes Beyond Expectation


It’s known that “Farmland Pay” aims to collect “small money” from people to reinvest. Investors can receive pollution-free vegetables from private farms throughout the year, and can also get free tickets for local tourism and accommodation.

据安徽绩溪县庙山果蔬专业合作社负责人董建成介绍,该项目上线仅几天时间,就有来自江浙沪皖京等地的3560名投资者认购了土地。认购面积 430 余亩,项目销售额 200 余万元,大大超出 500 个客户的预期目标。

According to Dong Jiancheng, the principal of Miaoshan Fruit and Vegetable Cooperative, Jixi County, Anhui, 3,560 investors from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui, Beijing and other places have subscribed land in just a few days after the project is available. The area of the subscribed land is more than 286668 square metres and the amount of the project sales is over 2 million RMB. The number of investors far exceeds that of the expected 500 customers.

根据投资者定制的要求,浙江兴合电子商务公司与绩溪县瀛洲镇、伏岭镇等地的近 300 户农户签订了土地流转合同,流转费用每年每亩大约 800 元,期限一年。其中,流转的土地很多笔仅为几分地。

According to the customized requirements of investors, Zhejiang Xinghe E-Commerce Company has signed a land transfer contract with almost 300 farmers over the Yingzhou Town, Fuling Town and other places in Jixi County with transfer fee of 1.2 RMB/ per year. Some of the transfer lands just have an area of several square metres.

From: The Cyzone

Translated by Ashley, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.

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