The rumor has it that Facebook would open its first sales office in Beijing and expand advertisement business in China

According to news from Wall Street Journal, the social networking giant Facebook would open its first local sales office in Beijing Fortune Center to negotiate and cooperate with local advertisers. So far the company has been negotiating renting matters with the responsible person of office building, but it didn’t decide whether the labor form of its employees is by contract or full-time.

From long time ago, US internet companies have been very interested in China, the biggest internet market in the globe. They continuously make adjustments to fit in the local market environment and control the situation gradually. Among the SNS giants, LinkedIn is the one who made the biggest movement recently, it published simplified Chinese version and entered the mainland China market.

Facebook set up its Hong Kong office several years ago, providing advertisement services for exporters and other clients in Mainland China, who want to reach out to markets in other places,at the same time, the company hired thousands of application developers in mainland China.

Vaughan Smith, VP of Facebook, who is in charge of Business Development said, “the advertisement business in China increased rapidly”, it was quite necessary to explore “a better way of service”. If the company succeeded in opening office in Mainland China, it was the first time for the company to implement manpower in Mainland China.

From: 36kr

Translated by George, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.

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