I come to the company to work just half a month.While the translation work has not yet started, But through the work of Proofreading, I know that a real translator should be proficient in all walks of life.

Of course, as a translator there is no one can be very professional at the beginning of his/her translation career. But it is through the accumulated results, he/she will be a real translator.

I did more interpretation work than translation work prior to this that most were related to our daily life. Interpretation is more tend to colloquial but doesn’t mean no formal, I also made many mistakes at the beginning but Skill Comes From Practice , through continuous accumulation and learning, I make fewer mistakes day by day.

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Relatively, I think that translation is pay more attention to the format. The main point of the translation involves the syntax is correct and the structural integrity of the sentence, sometimes also called for rhetorical effect , and this requires translator to have a solid foundation I n grammar and expression.

As a junior in translation ,there are too many places to lean and improve, I hope that I can make progress in English and Japanese by efforts and also hope colleague can give some advising to me.