Localization Project Management Stages

Localization projects, different from the normal, due to the need for localization clients usually want to withdraw the product in various markets worldwide, so the project tended to cover a multi-lingual scale. Taking the market in Asian for example, customer often requirements for localization of the target language to be Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, which names as CCJK. Therefore, the typical feature for the Localization projects is that one project includes sub projects. To some extends, it will make the project getting tough. Four stages are involved: 1: Start-up Analysis in Start-up phase is the basis of the initial offer and proposals. Only the quotes and proposals are approval, the project to the planning stage will begin. Therefore, the purpose in the start-up phase of the project management work is to create a standard. Mainly tasks for Project manager: Make sales stuff prepare for the further action; Pass relevant material to the sale stuff; Pass requirements from client to sale stuff and make valid communications; Making the schedule with millstone Evaluate resources and their availability; Making proposal with sales manager; Cooperate with marketing stuff to get the solution for the order; Analyze the fail result; 2: Planning Mainly tasks for Project manager: Data base maintenance on the projects; Resource Planning Track the progress Make the adjustment when delays; Cost planning; Query managements; Deliver the Invoice; 3: Closing Mainly tasks for Project manager: PO are well delivered; QA for stuff involved; Questionnaire for satisfactions from clients; Update the invoice data; Meeting on conclusion;

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