Financial/business/economic Translation Vocabulary

1、EC (equity capital) 权益资本

2、VC (venture capital) 创业投资

3、CO (cash out) 增值套现

4、DF (development finance) 发展资本

5、MF (mezzanine finance) 夹层资本

6、IPO 首次公开发行股票

7、Infrastructure 基本建设

8、MBO/LBO 管理成收购或杠杆收购 management buy-out/buy-in

9、restructuring 重组

10、PEIP 合伙制投资基金

11、风险投资基金(venture capital fund, VCF)

12、增长型基金(growth-oriented fund)

13、收购基金(buyout fund)

14、回购(buy back)

15、优先购买股权(right of refusal)Chinese Finance Translation

16、共同购买权(right of co-sale)


18、强制原有股东卖出股份的权利(drag-along right)

19、股票被回购的权利(redemption(put, call)option)

20、创始人股东、管理层和主要员工对投资商的承诺(founders, management and key employee commitment)

21、陈述和保证(representation and warranties)

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