Who we are
A reliable recruiting and recruitment process outsourcing partner at CCJK Technologies.

YIM Human Capital is in a close partnership with global professional executive search alliance.

With a close partnership and synergized collaboration with leading executive search agencies, angel and venture capital investors as well as funding entities, YIM Human Capital is dedicated ourselves to deliver professional human capital management solutions to our clients and to engaged ourselves into recruiting, retaining and engaging a high efficient and effective workforce for employer clients.

What we do

YIM Human Capital is the recruiting professionals in acquiring qualified, competent and skilled people.

Our search professionals have extensive backgrounds and proficiency in a varied scope of global industries. They are able to delivering our best professional expertise and resulting in the selection, acquisition, development and retaining of specifically right fit leadership and highly efficient workforce.

How we do

Specialization Practice

We serve a client base that, encompass global companies, entrepreneur-led organizations, small- and medium- sized enterprises, as well as not-for-profit organizations.

We find talents in their respective expertise functional area, including senior management executives, finance, marketing, technology, legal, customer services, operation, online marketing, technology, across an extensive range of industries and sectors. Browse a job opportunities or search a candidate by expertise.
Accountancy & Finance Engineering Executive
Human Resources Information Technology Manufacturing & Operations
Property Sales & Marketing Web Design and Programmer

Where we go

Our aim is to build YIM Human Capital into a prestigious and reliable specialist recruitment entity and to achieve well-diversified and profitable business growth.
Our Growth Strategy is:

1. Consistent standards in quality commitment: A synergized partnership alliance with only one unified and consistent customer services standards under a brand name—“YIM Human Capital”;

2. Growth Criteria: Diversify specialization in responding to evolving new needs of localized customer, find new ways of addressing our localized markets.

3. Culture-fit YIMer: Recruit, retain and engage the best culture-fit people, delivering a series of training programs that focused on “learning with pragmatic acting”.

4. Result-oriented operation: 100% commitment in each assignment with a maximum productivity in efficiency and effectiveness through bringing social connection channel with integrated back-office system.

Our Business Operation Standards:

Business Structure—– Capitalize on any possible buoyant market opportunities to build a multi-structural business operation;

Finance Performance—–Enhance finance performance by maximize business profits and productivity while minimize cost of operation;

Localized Customer Services—– Deliver with a market-localized expertise and a-quick-respond-service to meet the evolving demands of customer;

Culture Right-fit Team—–Cultivate a culture-fit, result-oriented, amoeba-like team of recruiting, training and project management professionals; who are engaged and partnered with one another in learning by pragmatic acting and practicing.

Life-long Learning and Risk Management System: Lead a life-long learning and training system to position the YIM and YIMer to a right-fit role in confronting future challenges; maintain a close partnership among internal diversified business entities and implement an integrated financial risk management to manipulate new business opportunities.

Our Customers

Industry Practice

Specialized practice groups are formed to accommodate clients operating in selected industries. Out of numerous specialized practices, we focused on our solutions to serve clients in a series of industries. Browse case study of diversified industries practice or download case report.

Architecture and Landscape Design Travel, Transport & Logistics
Electronics and Semiconductors Automotive & Assembly
Private Equity & Principal Investors Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products
Retail and Consumer Goods Technology and Internet Application
Media and Entertainment Education and Professional Training