The year of dragon is coming to an end. This is a season for harvest, also for gratitude. We, the company, would like to thank you for bringing up your outstanding children, for supporting their choice of working in CCJK.

Through the past, your children have been worked hard without any complain. They have spent numerous days and nights working in CCJK, while losing the chance to be with you. And your thoughtful care and support contribute a lot for employees, for CCJK.

Thus, we can move forward step by step in this fierce market competition; we can go through countless difficulties and obstacles; we can keep continuous development and innovation. Without your children, without your contribution, CCJK can never get such progress! We CCJK want to take this opportunity to thank you all.

In November 2002, CCJK headquarter was established in Shenzhen. In September 2011, Changsha branch office was set up. And in June 2012, Bilin Software Company was formally founded. We also start to establish the Software Development base in Pakistan this year.

We have gone though for 10 years, and our team has enlarged from less than 10 at first to nearly 100 people now. We have worked together and get considerable achievements yesterday. We firmly believe that we will build a better tomorrow.

Every employee is the host and wealth of CCJK, whose suggestions and opinions will be fully respected. We purchase insurance for employee and give vacations according to state regulations.

Each employee will receive gifts on festivals and enjoy tour and physical examination service for every single year. We are not saying that we have provided the best treatment. There are still something need to be improved, like offering working lunch instead of lunch subsidy. We will do it better in the future!

Perhaps, one percentage of diligence does not equal to one percentage of return, but 100 percentage of diligence will definitely receive payment. With your endeavor, our company will get stronger which in return fulfills our own dreams.

In this year, CCJK is fostering manager and professionals, which provides a new platform for your children. We also found CCJK One Foundation. For each working hour of your children, we will denote one Yuan to Hope Project, expressing our love for those children who cannot afford reading in remote areas.

We really appreciate your sons and daughters’ hard work and contribution for CCJK. Thanks for your understanding and support, which offer long standing driving force for company development.

We, along with your children, present you CCJK Filial Fund, which contains gratitude from the Company and your children. Hope it can bring you our greetings and wishes.

At last, we wish you a happy New Year!

Best regards.