Passion for work comes from who we are, not necessarily what we sell to people. And a person who cares about human beings, his employees, and that his employees take care of his clients, creates a culture that is admired by job seekers around the world.

CCJK is one such workplace. The values and beliefs of the management are what make the company a great place to work at.

Let’s review some of the attributes that make CCJK a dream place to work for people who wish to enter the translation and localization business. And learn from the best.

A Workplace That Cares

Care & Culture

Many companies proclaim that they value and care about their employees. But very few put that into action. CCJK is an organization that has enabled a culture that has been built around care.

Token Of Appreciation

One of the ways of showing care is when employers value the work their employees are putting in. Hence, appreciating work effort with certificates, bonuses, or tokens of appreciation is something that makes employees feel valued.

A Workplace That Brings out The Best In Their Employees

Being Interested In The Work

If the employees are not interested in the work that they are doing, it’s very hard to get a quality-oriented output. CCJK is an organization that maintains a certain level of interest and challenge in the work that is assigned to its employees.

Pursuing A Meaningful Endeavor

This excitement gives a meaningful endeavor to the employees that they pursue. And once they start to pursue that, it brings out the best in their employees.

Collaborative Team Culture

Money Over Respect

No amount of money or benefits package can make an employee enjoy his workplace. According to a survey conducted, employees prefer a collaborative team culture over annual increments.

Job Satisfaction

If you enjoy working with your colleagues or team, you would attain job satisfaction. And that is what CCJK promises to provide to its new recruits. A good collaborative team that supports you in every way or fashion.

Leading By Example

There are top performers in a team that execute positivity. And encourage others to commit and give their everything at what they do, regardless of what the result might turn out to be. But instead of team leaders just expecting employees to perform well, they actually lead by example. This creates an intrinsic motivation to perform better.

Good Compensation

Value The Work Put In

CCJK values the work its employees put in every day and out to achieve the set targets. Compensating these efforts via appreciation is important. But it is not the only thing. An employee should be compensated well. And this is what the management at CCJK aims to do.


They know how to take care of their employees. Apart from fair compensation and market competitive salary, if you are an employee at CCJK you are entitled to annual leaves, health insurance, leave encashment, annual increment, annual bonus, E.O.B.I and late sitting meal facilities.

Robust Leadership

Showing Leadership

Organizations cannot talk about leadership. They have to show it. Because ultimately, if it’s not apparent, then is not effective at all. Hence, CCJK has worked tirelessly to create robust leadership by taking a stable pose.

They do not waiver when it comes to making important decisions. And that is what has earned them the respect of their clients and employees.

Not Shying Away From Tough Decisions

Strong leadership does not shy away from making tough decisions. The management at CCJK never compromises on its position. Being transparent about what is going on inside the company is essential to its success. Hence, CCJK is admired by its competitors as well.

Encouraging Innovation

Growing The Company

One of the factors that make CCJK a successful localization company is that it encourages innovation and change. This notion always lets the company grow and become better than it was before.

Competing At The Highest Level

The reason CCJK encourages innovation is that it wants to become a high-standard firm that focuses on making its operation more effective. The management here knows that unless you keep on innovating, you will not be able to compete at the highest level.

And a time may come when you might lose your market share, as Kodak and Blackberry did. Hence, it’s imperative to create a culture that encourages innovation.

Empowering Employees

Valuing Employee Input

Employee empowerment is something that CCJK holds very sacred to its core beliefs. Hence, it’s one of the reasons that make it such a popular workplace.

The most powerful tool that an employee has in an organization is his voice or input. And if that input is well received and nourished, the employee feels appreciated and valued. And feels like part of a family.

Do Not Hold Back

Organizations that attempt to create a working family enable both the employee and the firm to grow as an individual and a professional. A company cannot just say that it empowers its employees and then hold them back from leading initiatives.

It needs to trust its employees. And even if the desired outcome is not met, it should be posed off as a learning experience rather than a failure.

Sharing Information

Not Shying Away

Companies that are afraid or shy away from sharing the organization’s performance with the rest of the world are opting for a myopic viewpoint. Some of the most successful companies in the world and their management take an initiative to let the world know how they’re doing financially and what vision and mission they are aiming towards.

Advocating the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

CCJK is one such company. They are very eager to let the world know what achievements they have achieved in a fiscal year. And more than that, they advocate the names of their employees, as well, who were responsible for that particular achievement.

This helps to build the reputation of not only the company but the individual employee as well.


Adapting to External Factors

Nobody knows what circumstances are going to be, considering the fact that we are living in a pandemic era. And an organization that is apt in adapting to changing scenarios is a flexible one.

Particularly in the COVID-19 Pandemic period, CCJK encouraged its employees to choose how they wanted to work. This mainly included their schedules and work-from-home options.

Freedom To Choose the Time Schedule and Location

On the contrary, CCJK has always benefited its employees in terms of giving them the opportunity to be flexible with how they manage their daily tasks. This not only gives employees the freedom to work whenever they want to, but also assists firms to adapt to sudden changes if they ever appear.

Flexibility also gives employees the ability to modify their position and role within the firm. It enables employees to grow as professionals.

Training and Development

Replenishing The Skills Of Employees

Learning is not a goal, but a journey that one needs to stay consistent upon. Similarly, organizations spend a lot of time, money, and resources on the training of their employees. This is not a necessity.

But a company cannot progress and compete in the international market unless it explores the talent of its employees. And replenishes it with new skills and abilities.

Remaining Efficient

CCJK does not refrain from any such activity. They are in a constant endeavor to ensure that their employees are staying in touch with the latest tools and technologies. This is especially important in the IT sector.

One needs to remain efficient and hands-on when it comes to training. This training not only helps ameliorate the portfolio of the employees but gives them a good career.


A Serious Matter

Fairness and unbiasedness are two factors that employees take very seriously and to the heart. CCJK is a company that has sustained a fair workplace. It does not let its employees get treated unfairly due to any particular reason.

Discrimination Issues

Discrimination pertaining to race, gender, skin color, religion, or personal vendettas is not tolerated or practiced at CCJK. Every employee is treated fairly and on the basis of merit.

Moreover, the company culture is such that employees themselves encourage each other or refrain from backbiting or creating any biases against each other.

Favoritism exists among the employees, rather than the employer and his favorite employee. And this is something that is rarely found in other organizations.


Staying Transparent

One of the biggest tenets of a successful organization is its ability to stay transparent in every situation. The fact that CCJK has been able to be transparent in the challenges that it has faced, and the success it was able to achieve, makes it one of a kind.

This factor has emboldened the trust of the employees in their management.

Commitment To Serve

Once that trust is developed, employees commit to serving the interests of the organizations to the best of their abilities. Transparency leads to a better attempt to solve a particular problem.

Conducting Periodic Meetings

CCJK ensures that periodic meetings are conducted with the management and the employees. And where any issue pertaining to a mishap or a failure that the company has faced is openly discussed.

Nothing Is Hidden

Moreover, none of the financial information is hidden from the employees. Rather, it is openly cherished and celebrated in the company. This makes CCJK more approachable to employees. Hence, the reason everyone who has ever worked at CCJK has nothing but good things to say about the culture.


If you want to make a difference in the world, you should start off by changing the man in the mirror, i.e, yourself.

At CCJK, the management is prone to make the world a better place. And hence it inculcates everything within the organization that it wants to see in the world. It includes being transparent and open to the world and to their employees.

Moreover, nepotism and unfair treatment are prohibited. Meanwhile, employees are given the luxury to be flexible with their timings. And on top of that, they are empowered to bring change with innovation and freedom to speak their mind.