Who Am I?

This is a much simple but quite complex question! As a little kid may know who s/he is, while most adults, especially those who were born after 1980s can’t find an answer for themselves! This generation is in deep confusion and frustration now! Unfortunately, I am a member of this frustrated generation and fumbling all the way along!

Struggling hard in meditation, I finally realize who I am!

I am nothing but a feeble and fragile person, insignificant to the world, just like a little star shinning in the sky of summer midnight, a drop of water in the ocean, a humble grass in the earth…

In this material overflowing world, I am only a small fish, no fortune, no special talent, no big wisdom. Just like an honest and taciturn ox, working hard to survive in the world. I am wondering even when I disappear from this world one day (of course, it’s just a hypothesis), nothing would change for my sake. The sun will still run around the earth. And people in the street wouldn’t stop to mourn for me. I am just a little creature of the world, not worthy of other’s tears and sorrow!

However, I am also an important and influential person! As important as the sun to the earth, as water to fish, as heart to human beings…..

In my family, I am a filial daughter of my parents, their only hope! I am a lovely sister of my brother and his closest companion! I am my young sister’s idol, her most sincere friend! I am also my grandparents’ little darling, the source of their happiness. (I still remember what Germex said, doing business is great, being a grandpa is much better! ^_^)

For my offspring (if any), I will be their pilot lamp, leading them to the safe coast from the boundless ocean.

For my friends, I am their spiritual support and biggest spiritual treasure that nothing could be replaced!

For my company, I am an excellent staff.(Maybe not exactly at the moment, but I will be, and will try to be)

For my customers, I am their faithful cooperator……

For many people who I love, and who love me, I play a very important role in their life!

Here it comes to my conclusion: I should be proud of myself, and live contentedly, for I have plenty of reasons to live in this world as decently as anyone else!