Sales plan is a plan about sales index (quantity or amount of money). It is made on a basis of the history sales record, with the consideration of the company’s development and the market situation.


Different classification depends on different criteria. Let’s refer to some example.

Sales plan can be classified as monthly plan, quarterly plan and year plan according to time.

Sales plan can be classified as company plan, department plan, personal plan and etc. according to the scope of people involved.


When we make the plan, we must rely on some scientific basis. Otherwise, the plan will have bad effect on our business activities. The following principles are what we must pay attention to. (a) The productivity of the company; (b) The demand of the market; (c) the competition of the market; (d) the completion of the sales goal in the previous year; (e) the sales team; (f) the sales of the competitors.

3.Format and content

A brief and clear sales plan should contain such contents: a. products plan; b. distribution channels plan; c. cost plan; d. sales turnover; e. advertising plan; f. selling promotion plan


The following is a typical workflow to make a sales plan. Step 1: to analyze the current marketing situation. Step 2: to decide the sales target. Step 3: to make out sales strategies. Step 4: to evaluate and select sales strategies. Step 5: to synthesize sales plan. Step 6: to give more detailed information for the plan. Step 7: to carry out the sales plan. Step 8: to check and control the efficiency


Making out a detailed and reasonable sales plan is the first step for success. When we make it, there are some principles we must carry out. At first, you must give a bodily form to the plan. You can make a detailed list of what you have to do every day and arrange them according to the importance. Secondly, after you have arranged your to-do-list on a basis of importance, you have to carry out them one by one accordingly. Remember, the sequence depends on the importance rather than difficulty. That is to say, we have to do the most important thing first. Besides, we also need to consider the similarity of the things to be done. We can put those similar things into one category and handle them together. Thirdly, we have to purify the plan to avoid unnecessary waste of time and money. Fourthly, be flexible. Don’t stick to the daily schedule since there are always a lot of unexpected things happened. The sales plan is an overall plan rather than a compulsive regulation. Especially when we communicate with the clients, we must be flexible to handle the urgent and unforeseen matters.

The above is a general instruction about sales plan. As the 2012 approaches, it’s time for all of our salesperson to make a plan for the New Year. A good sales plan is a good beginning for New Year, which is half of the success. Do you have any idea? If so, share with us. Write to me; my mail address is [email protected].