Stereotyping in diversity management

In the workplace stereotyping is also hinder employees to find their strength better. Maureen Gorham’s (1999, pp. 163-164) Communicating Across Cultures tells us that, “Stereotypes distort intergroup communication because they lead people to base their messages, their ways of transmitting them and their reception of them on false assumptions.” That means people always concerned something which they meet that would still on their traditional image, for instance people always concerned that the elder people always move slowly.

make female out of stereotypin

However, female in workplace were always meet bottleneck for their promotion. Stereotyping make female can not be the supreme leader in organization. But some of retailers need some leaders to cope with the diversification of the target market.

For instance, in department stores there are 85 percent of men’s fashion are created by women and another evidence show the majority of men’s clothing are purchased by their wives. Consequently, to be satisfied the needed of customers, retailers feel the woman should into leadership because they know what is the women customers needs.

In addition to understanding more and in-depth of customer needs, retailers also have to face the reality that their employees will have to diversity in the future. Many retailers have found that these new force employees more effective than their past.

Stereotypes in the workplace make the different people that can not be identity in group and realize them use their potential, but also denied the existence of individual differences.

Disability of diversity management

Some retailers found that the rate of people turnover of disability employees is only 1%, but compared with it the rates of all turnover is about 30%. Some companies to change the underlying staff responsibilities; they no longer have to remove the higher items.

Arrange the employees who work on the night to do it then can change the younger employees replaced the elder employees. Elder employees always can offer the good service and they also have more experience in the workplace. It is necessary to diversified management effective on organization.

Training for diversity management

The basic principle of diversity management is known and feels the different needs from different employees, and using the different method to satisfied these needs. Diversity management should offer employees equal opportunity and compliance with the law that means allow and evaluate different person.

For instance, some companies require all of employees should join diversity training, make them can distinguish and reduce prejudice, develop the skill of them diversity management.

This program in order to understand the different needs of employees and the start of expected, including the effect develop the skill of staff communicate with other employees and consumers.

training for discrimination

Abandon a tool of workable diversity management the supporting action as with less than reputation diversity trainer’s tactics that has led to the paradox of reverse discrimination. Some certain groups using discrimination to against other groups, that approach is usually based on a false premise. Consequently, any statistical “unbalance” in the labor force the results must be a big group discriminated against on the group which has less employees.

However, significant figures of non-whites and females had confused that they will be passed because of discrimination, Business Week reported that many white male concerned they will lose their job because of some company eager establish and promotion their workplace management diversity.

Both side debates about their rights have been infringed upon, they concerned their civil rights is very important then any other, they the public focus on their rights. They are both right, non-whites and females suffered discrimination caused by “historical injustices”.

Now some of media and ‘positive’ people attempts to rights the past wrongs, so they against the whites and male if something happened case by discrimination. Therefore the manager should balancing both of them, equal opportunity is a significant important in the organization.

Consultant Harris Sussman adds that ‘white males, however, who suffer at the hands of confrontational diversity exercises and other dubious tactics employed by diversity trainers.

What makes diversity successful

Generally, almost all success diversity management process involved several critical factors. Stephen Paskoff who is a director of Employment Learning Innovations, he concerned that manager should correct the mistakes of diversity management and believes training could make employees have positive impact and training should not to trying change people’s believes it should focus on rules of civil behavior.

Doing business as opposed to just a short-lived, one-time process, this process should become a standard way. .A pragmatic attitude is more likely to lead to positive results than an aggressive, in-your-face, dogmatic approach. It is based on establish specific training goals, short-term and long-term diversity and it is important.

The definition of diversity should be established a wide range, and it must be based on inclusiveness. Top management should show full support, including designating a sufficient portion of the training budget toward the effort it is important.

Organizations and institutions should choose a diversity consultant who is willing to provide a discuss their experience and consulting reference list. In addition, consultants should be willing to adjust their training to the company; including the preceding list of critical success factors.

Successful completion the diversity management of a company that can help better relations of cooperation for employees, reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve the bottom line, considering the adverse consequences of failed attempts, the construction of diversified management company’s efforts, the first time is the most important.


Diversity management has grown out of the need for organizations, agencies, and departments to address a changing workforce and other pervasive social pressures. Diversity management is not just an equal employment opportunity issue, nor is it simply another name for affirmative action. Diversity management includes administering social environments and systems, along with organizational climate and procedures. It also entails recognizing, being open to, and utilizing human differences. The goal is to create a positive work environment for all employees.