SOLUTION:Fail to convert TTX to Mif using S-tagger (CMP Error)

How to solve Fail to convert TTX to Mif using S-tagger (CMP Error)
if you want to translate FM file (Framemaker) using trados, you need to save fm file as mif, then covert mif into RTF via S-tagger for framemaker, in general, we often convert it into TTX in order to take care of all the tags.
When finished translation,if one of the translator has done an inappropriate changes on the tags that would cause the failure of convert back to mif.
Inappropriate Changes includes but not limited:lack of tags,especially change the proper order of a pair tag would leads to failure.

Error genre:

TAGS verify errors include the follow 3 types。

♦ File errors

♦ Comparison errors

♦ Tag errors

so you need to avoid and clear all the above errors so can you convert ttx back to mif successfully.

Error details:

note:if the folder generated a CMP file,please use Microsoft word to open it,you can't use notepad to read the codes

1. File errors

this kind of error often caused by the file is being using,close in an improper way,please make sure this file has not been using or locking by the system explore。

2. Comparison errors

This kind of error means the source content cannot match the target content.this may often generate CMP file.

CMP will provide you the information about error,open it via microoffice Word , to see the errors, modify them accordingly .

for example, a part of the tag “>” has been deleted(尖括号).

this circumstance can be avoid using ttx while translation,because ttx has locked every tags.

3. Tag errors

generally, this kind of error often happens when the translator added, deleted or changed some tags, at some circumstance, changing the order of the tags would cause problems too.

to fix this error, you just need to open the cmp file via ms word, and accommodating accordingly.

below is a sample cmp error file example:(for confidential issue, some part has been ommited)


Verification Report generated by the Backwards process

Date/Time:        Friday, August 31, 2012 21:24:22

Source File:      E:20128201208069_xxx_Equipment-Machine Manual_EN-ZH_CN2_Target2_EDttxxxx.rtf


Verify external tags


Verify external source tags


Verify positioning of internal tags


[1] Error 508. 1 <:/fc> without starting <:fc ?>.

+++++++++++++ Text Segment +++++++++++++

<ps "Haupttext" 13>

<ps "CellBody" 10><:fc 1>使用<:/fc>数据库 PC 的可视化和系统菜单重复第 1 步到第 <:/fc>3<:fc 1>步。



[2] Error 507. 1 <:fc ?> without closing <:/fc>.

+++++++++++++ Text Segment +++++++++++++

<ps "Haupttext" 13>

<ps "CellBody" 10><:fc 1>使用<:/fc>数据库 PC 的可视化和系统菜单重复第 1 步到第 <:/fc>3<:fc 1>步。




The file contains errors that must be corrected before it can be converted.

Fix the problem(s) and run Verify S-Tags again.


as we all can see from the notice above, the whole file encountered problems only because the wrong tags order of the below place:

<:/fc>3<:fc 1>

this causes two problems: without closing/without starting

so you should know that, <:fc 1> represents a beginning of a tag,<:/fc>stands for a ending of a tag

so here you just need to change the order like this : <:fc 1>3<:/fc> ,and you can converted back to mif successfully.

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