Transferred epithet is a rhetoric way, which is used to express the function and characteristic of article A by using the words which should be used to describe article B. For example: a sleepless bed, brutal plan, surprised disapproval. Other sentences are as follows:

The big man crashed down on a protesting chair.


The word “protesting” is used to describe human behaviors, but it describes the Chair in this sentence.

There was a short, thoughtful silence. Then he said, “Dad, you have just worked a profound change in my personality.”


The word “thoughtful” which is described as human, but it is used to describe the article.

When I am having trouble with a story and think about giving up, or when I start to feel sorry for myself and think things should be easier for me, I roll a piece of paper into that cranky old machine and type, word by painful word, just the way Mother did.


In this sentence, the word “painful” apparently is used to express the human. We will translate it according to the painful meaning to let it be making sense.

An expensive failure can be made into an asset if you have learnt from it.