In the mainland, as we began to use simplied Chinese Character in 1950s, traditional Chinese characte mainly exist the materials before this age. Also, traditonal Chinese is mainly used in Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and some places of overseas.

As the communication between these areas and overseas is smoothly conducted all of the years, the translation from source language to traditional Chinese is the main method of localization for those multi-nation companies.

Since 1980s, these ereas has become the leader of Asian economy and even the world economy. So the amount of traditional Chinese tranasltion is very largest in these area. Recently, as teh mainland pay more attention to protection of tradtional culture. So traditional Chinese character also appears in our life frequently.

With more and more Hongkongese and Taiwanese come to mainland to start their business, the traditional Chinese also went there with them. In this way, some translation of traditional Chinese is appeared in the mainland and it increases in a stunning speed.

Our Company CCJK has been providing translations of traditional Chinese to organizations from around the world. we have well educated and highly disciplined linguistic professionals in all fields of industries.

After nine years of growth and development, our company has formed its strict business process has become a leader in the localization industry for all languages.

.We uphold the principle of gaining the trust of clients through engrossed dedication, continued pursuit of perfectionism, synergetic endeavor, real-time response to the clients specific requirements and, most important of all, delivering of the best quality

Led by its founder and a capable management, the company continues to gear toward optimizing and perfecting its services

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