To maintain good relationship with our client is an important thing while we managing projects. A company wants to focus on the profits, but also focus on providing good customer service, then a long term relationship will be established naturally.

According to the latest survey shows that, in the same product, client are willing to spend more than 10% of the price to buy the product with good service, and do not want to buy a cheaper price with poor service. Thus, there is a close relationship between customer satisfaction and the improvement of company’s profit.

how to provide a satisfied service?I think the follow aspects are of paramount importance:

I. focus on client’s demand

No matter which industries, focus on the customer is highly important. Own a loyal and fixed customer is essential to the success of a company. Regardless whether he has already become your customer, we should always pay attention to him, so that not only to retain existing customers, potential customers can also be developed.

When customers feedback to us, we need to listen carefully. If the problem can not be solved at once, we must record, then reflect to the relevant colleagues for action. In the whole process, we must pay attention to any problems reflected, and timely solute for our client.

The service is not just to deliver a good quality translation, but also the quality of after-sales service, to give to the confidence of customers continue to cooperate in future.

II. To keep warm and friendly attitude

The key to provide splendid service is to keep a good communication and build a trusting relationship. Maintaining a warm and friendly attitude is very important. When customers call to reflect problems, he hope to get attention, to get help. We have to put ourselves in client’s shoes, to feel what they feel, Always remain calm and friendly service attitude

Although just a brief communication to reflect the problem, but the impression will be extended to our company. The roles that our communication is not only an independent individual, but on behalf of the entire group as a whole.

Even though sometimes our client may in a bad mood, still we have to remain calm, patience, enthusiastic attitude to customer service.

The nature of our work is to serve for our clients. If we take the problems as interferences, then the communication will be certainly not friendly, thus, we are unable to provide good quality services. Any assistances our client ask for, we must overcome any difficulties to solve rather than perfunctory or just cope with the job.

All in all, As long as we do with good faith, will be able to provide a professional service!