As we know, the requirements’s analysis is very important for every project, no matter it is big or it is small. Also a clear analysis in the beginning of work will help us to complete it quickly and accurately.

But some requirements are complicated, we may not understand them for the first sight. In such circumstances, I believe it’s better not to hurry to do the job, we should make certain about what the client hope us to do and how we can do it well.

On one hand, I think we can refer to the former relative dialogue information with the client. In my opinion, this is important as it usually would help you to know better about the whole project.

We may not hope to ask the client for every unclear requirement as this will need some time, also it may make the client impatient. On the other hand, we can discuss with other colleagues and ask them to help the analysis.

Of course, for the requirements which we are still unclear after a serious analysis, we need to ask the client to help to confirm. But we should know what we need to ask and how to ask it in a better way. Another important thing is to be careful and responsible. As all the clients must hope to have their projects done very well, this will need us to make more efforts.

To keep a clear head, to be careful and responsible, I believe we’ll do the job well.