As we grow older, the problems of health are highlighted for special attention, we try all ways and means to keep healthy, from among these, physical fitness is today’s hot topic, it is a popular way to improve our immunizing power. And everywhere you can hear standpoints on fitness, but are they all true?

A. The more you sweat, the more fat you burn

In a very hot day, or at the beginning of a sport, people who are doing some exercise will in a bath of sweat, but, in fact, it is water they are losing, not fat.
Fat burns when it is used as a fuel source for exercise, but it does not happen initially. If you just begin to exercise, what you burn are carbohydrates or sugars, as a general rule, it takes about 20 minutes of aerobic exercise before it changes from burning sugars to fat begins. So, to burn the fat, keep taking exercise at least 40 minutes.

B. If you stop taking exercise, your muscles will turn to fat

If you decrease the amount of exercise and continue to eat the same or more, you may gain back that spare weight that you took exercise so hard to lose. But it not because your muscles turned to fat, It is weight rebound. So we should take an easy and regular exercise in our daily life.

C. Exercise increases appetite

This is true for hard or intense exercise which lasts for one hour or longer, but moderate exercise that is less than 60 minutes will probably reduce your appetite for one to two hours. just keep your food intake as usual.

D. Exercise always lowers your blood sugar

Normally, a person with an empty stomach is not recommended to take exercise, exercise will lower blood sugar, so it better to prepare for exercise by eating something before you start out. But if your blood sugar level is above 250 mg/dl, exercise could make it rise even higher.

E. You can get fit in 10 minutes a week

This and the similar claims are common (such as, an apple a day keeps a doctor away), but it is not true. There are no shortcuts to getting fit, it takes 20 minutes to take part in aerobic sports activity and three times a week to become fit. Consistency is the key, if you miss a day or two, do not try to compensate by doing double duty, just try your best to keep up exercise.

F. No pains, no gains

Many people tend to overdo their exercise activities looking for quick results, but doing so will result in injury or sore muscles. The best way is to start any exercise program slowly and gradually increase the workout. Before starting the exercise, to make the body warming up by stretching, this gives people a good beginning without the pain or injury.

Sports is good for life, let us take regular aerobic exercise, such as bicycle riding, jumping rope, walking, jogging, aerobic dance and swimming.