As we know, the marketers are the people who are responsible for maintaining, developing and serving for the clients. As a marketer, he/she not only needs to have professional marketing knowledge and skills, but also needs to integrate the social resources, market resources and enterprise advantage resources, and own the social communication skills, the ability of handling difficulties under all kinds of unexpected circumstances, and the strain capacity and adaptability in every environment. As for the knowledge structure, humanistic training etc. these should be the basic personalities to have.

As our company—CCJK is mainly in business of translation and website creation. There is no problem to follow up translation projects as we have very professional and skilled translators to complete these projects. But for website projects, usually there are some difficulties for marketing persons to communicate between clients and internal engineers.

Sometimes, the clients asked me some questions, I didn’t know how to give a prompt reply due to lack of professional knowledge, while I needed to ask the responsible engineer, so the time to answer questions was delayed. This caused many problems during communication with clients, sometimes I felt so helpless. I realized I should learn more knowledge to promote myself which will be also helpful to my daily work.

We should make continuous efforts all along the life road. ^_^