There are always sometimes we have to deal with some variables, some that we can guess its meaning, some even can not judge the meaning all by the words given. Those hard-to-guess ones, which were considered as “troublesome”, can never be ignored. We have to find some ways to solve those troublesome.

Let’s see some examples, from which we can get a little bit benefit.

Example 1:

Set the IP address of your device to {0}.

Conspicuously, the variable {0} here refer to an IP address, maybe has a form such as “”, which differs from country to country.

So the translation may be as follows:

将设备的 IP 地址设为 {0}。

This “{0}” should be kept as it is.

Example 2:

There are {1} SIM(s) within {2} MB of their specified data usage limit, as of {5}.

From this sentence, we can guess that, “{1}” is a numeral figure, such as “1, 2 , 3, 4, 5…”, “{2}” is also a numeral figure. Those two can be easily judged. The third one is a little bit hard to guess. Let’s take an analysis. Before we start, let’s figure out what “as of” means. “as of” may refer to “by(a specific time)” or “up to”, and so forth. So, this “{3}” may refer to time.

So then, we can put this sentence into:

自 {3} 起,共有 {1} 张 SIM 卡未超出其指定的数据使用量限制({2} MB)。

Please keep in mind that, all variables should be left untouched.

Example 3:

Effect of {4} on {5}

Words are so simple, but hard to guess what {4} and {5} mean respectively.

Through the context of file, “{4}” may refer to an event, especially news event, and what does “{5}” mean? It may refer to something.

So, we can primarily translate this phrase into:

{4} 对 {5} 的影响

Example 4:

The table below summarizes the effect that {6} event in {7} had on the {8} after {9}.

It’s really a complex sentence.

Firstly, let’s find the main sentence structure, then guess one by one.

Let’s start by “{9}”.

It seems that “{9}” refer to time, such as “4th November”, “{6}” refer to some event, “{7}” may refer to the place which the event taken place, and “{8}” may refer to something.

Thus, this sentence might be translated as:

下表总结了 {3} 后 {1}{0} 事件对 {2} 的影响。

To guess by context is really important, by only by judgments is not enough, sometimes, and we need to turn to the clients for help, in order to guarantee the accuracy of sentence meanings.