When we mention that how to improve the reading level, people will think of the answer: read more. This is of course true that practice makes perfect, which is well known by everyone. However, how to practice to ensure the reading quality?

To improve reading ability, I think vocabulary is the key! If most words of an article we don’t know, there is nothing to read! So we have to make the training in our daily life, have the conscious to accumulate vocabulary, like carrying electronic dictionaries, when encounter words that do not know, then we can get solution at once.

Then as to the reading practice process,

Firstly, get the general idea by fast reading. Grasp the key word is necessary. We can infer the author’s attitude by keyword. If our reading speed is too slow, maybe we will forget the former sentence when reading the next sentence, cannot grasp the whole idea. In addition, we can skip for the first time.

We don’t have to read word by word. But read phrase by phrases as a unit instead. Of course, sometimes just read for one time is difficult to fully comprehend the meaning. If necessary, we can read several times. First time, read faster; second time, read carefully.

Secondly, we don’t have to look up on the dictionary when encounter new words each time, we can learn to guess the word. If we check dictionary every time, it will affect the reading speed. On the other hand, a word often have several meanings, sometimes if not related with the specific context, it is difficult to determine the exact meaning of the word.

we can try to guess the words as per context and other rules. If guess the right meaning, we will have a sense of accomplishment, and meanwhile our reading interest will increase.

Thirdly, in order to understand the article better, we need to find topic the sentence. Topic sentence is generally located in the first sentence, sometimes in the center or the end.

Grasp the topic sentence is better for us to understand the full text. it is a key element of each paragraph, if properly grasped, it can play very important role in improving the comprehensive reading ability.

Fourthly, read some articles which is easy to understand, the more the better. In the beginning, we can try to read some English story. Over time, after we gradually entered the state.

Then we can read some original novels. By such expanding the amount of reading, we can improve reading comprehension as quickly as possible, while also expand vocabulary at the same time.

Then, we can recite some splendid passages. If we can long-term adherence, we will certainly get a big harvest. Meanwhile we can enhance the sense of language. With a strong sense of language, the reading comprehension ability will increase unconsciously.

In short, if we try to use a variety of methods to expand our reading amount to improve reading ability sustained, we will be able to fulfill our desire.