The translation of Webpage content

We often meet with some pieces related with HTML files. When handle such kind of materials, we have to keep in mind the following tips:

First of all, we have to keep all the tags and images untouched, if not, the format and framework will be changed. At this time, we may take full advantages of translation tools such as Trados. We can pull and convert it into a ttx. file, then doing translation by ttx.

Second, we have to pay attention to all UI languages. They have to be precise and appropriate. Some items or single words may not easy to catch the exact meaning, we could click the corresponding link and go to the next screen, to see what on earth it is.

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When you are unsure about some words or expressions, you can write a query log and write down your questions or suggestions. When getting the reply from the clients, we can make the revision accordingly.

Thirdly, after translating, we have to clean up the ttx. file into HTML format again, then open up and do proofreading the webpages one by one, verify that the links are all working, and make sure there’s no missing part.

Fourthly, try everything to be professional and up-to-date.

My next post will give some examples on how to deal with such kind of files.