Gamers around the world who have been quarantined at home have increased their demand for video games, boosting the industry and bringing about an explosive growth of games. We’ll show you what the localization of a game involves. CCJK as an experienced professional game localization service provider knows how to improve the quality of game localization.

Game translation is the core of game localization. How does CCJK guarantee the quality of game translation?

1. In addition to strict native language assessment, CCJK also needs to ensure that translators have experience in the game industry and love games when recruiting translators. This ensures that our translations are accurate, natural, and consistent with the context of the game and the habits of the player. CCJK has rich experience in game localization and has built a team of translators skilled in translating popular games on various platforms.

2. CCJK game team also includes experienced senior project managers who can set up a translation team for you, schedule delivery times according to your project (No matter how urgent the delivery time is, we can arrange it for you!), and build TM and Glossary for your project, which will be kept and updated for your use only. Before we start the project, our account manager will analyze the repetition and highly matched words of the source files and will give the rate discount (about 30% – 70%) to these parts. This will save up to 50% of the total cost for long-term clients.

3. CCJK can provide a complete process translation service or a single process translation service, including Translation, Editing, Proofreading, and QA service. We can meet the different needs of clients.

4. The reason why game localization is not the same as game translation is that DTP, multimedia localization, and dubbing may be involved in the process of game localization. Therefore, in the game localization team of CCJK, we can also provide professional DTP, multimedia localization, and game dubbing.

5. LQA is the final stage of game localization, and CCJK will arrange professional native testers who are good at the game to check out the multilingual version of the game. This ensures that there are no problems with language, screenshots, and videos, and ensures that the player can clearly and smoothly get game guidance.

The following are the most common issues that arise after you put the translation back into the game. We suggest that you should consider LQA:

1. HTML is often missing Spaces that can lead to text messes or missing in the game UI. Or a visual error caused by an unexpected missing parenthesis.

2. The game source text provided by the game developer is very confusing, and may even have no context, or the translation of the first and second batch is handled by different translators, which is prone to mistranslation or inconsistency in context.

3. The length of text between languages can easily lead to a lack of UI or dialog space. If the game developer has a hard time solving this problem, you may need the help of a localization service provider to abbreviate or reorganize sentences.

In addition, there are many issues that can only be detected in the LQA, such as VO dubbing and subtitle content or subtitle speed mismatch, or politically sensitive or cultural conflicts, etc. These issues are easy to ignore, which is often the main reason for the poor reputation and low score of the game.

CCJK game localization team consists of professional native translators, senior project managers, dubbing, subtitling, and native game testers, to provide you with 100+ combinatorial language pairs. We believe that professional teams can definitely help your game be better at localization and get more attention from players.