The social preference for numbers
It would be best to be familiar with the Chinese culture before doing business with Chinese. Generally, the Chinese people like the number “ 8 ” best (for example, Beijing Olympic Games was held on August 8, 2008) and they like the number “ 6 ” and “ 9 ” better, however, the Chinese do not like the number “ 4 ”, just as people do not like “ 3 ” in some countries.

The usual exchange of greetings
In order to have a pleasant start, the Chinese usually chat with their counterparts while drinking tea before formally beginning to talk business. They want to know each other well, the level of the Chinese attendants shows how important they regard the talks are.

The Chinese like exchanging greetings and make small talk before negotiation, the Chinese merchants firmly believe, doing this can help build good negotiation climate, “ wasting “ appropriate time will play an important role for the successful negotiation, so you need establish this relationship with them, the power of this relationship will be promoted as time goes by, and the possibility to reach the satisfaction of negotiation outcomes increase.

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“Relationship” is very important in China

The Chinese style “ acquaintance ” and ” relationship ” have special connotation and meanings, once the certainty relation is made, the both sides become acquainted with each other, giving them preferential treatment, the degree of trust will increase, so the Chinese have a lot of verbal agreement. First of all, it devotes to construct affinity and trust among acquaintances.

When it occurs with some problems, and if you invite layer to solve the problems by the idiomatic legal means, the Chinese partners think that you are unable to deal with the problems flexibly and it will not leave a good impression. Finding an acquaintance that both sides know will reduce the cost.

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Global question first, then details

They would not believe the first quotation from the other party in the commercial negotiations, they like bargain for a lower price or get some discount. They like the “global question First, then details” mode. Simultaneously, keeping good negotiation climate and being very patient are also very important for obtaining good negotiation.

Relatively, the ways of thinking of Chinese are indirect; they are strict with proprieties, and like to use mild and roundabout ways to express themselves. The Chinese unwillingly say “no”, they worry about it will damage the relationship of the two sides. And they think that exchanging cigarettes or proposing a toast is a type of mutual respect and courtesy.

In a word, both sides need know some business culture during the commercial negotiations in order to help forward the negotiations to achieve satisfactory Outcome.

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