Sometimes I just get annoyed with my Trados tool. It is helpful when we are doing translation project. But if I cannot clean files it becomes bothering me. As Most of the jobs I am responsible require the usage of Trados tool. When I handle projects, I have to deliver clean files to my client or sales person.

At first, I tried to copy the whole contents to a blank word, it can be cleaned by Trados. And sometimes I just need to transfer the format from Word 2007 to Word 2003, it is also working well. However, after I have done both of them, the files are still cannot be cleaned.

What will you do? If the project is only 600 word count, you can just delete the marks sentence by sentence. But if the word count is more than 3000, and the time is limited, what else can you do?

Here I will introduce a helpful way to cope with this problem. You can just save the file as rtf format, and clean with Trados, you can easily get clean files.