Tetum Translation Agency

Companies seeking to expand business operations in global markets would do well to localize their websites to attract their target audience. CCJK can provide a full range of excellent translation services, covering various fields including law, finance, technology and medicine among others. We will undertake to help our clients reach their audience in which ever part of the globe they wish to establish operations in.

Founded in the year of 2000, CCJK has been providing translation/localization solutions to organizations from around the world. Constantly joined by well educated and highly disciplined linguistic professionals from around the word, we have formed an elite localization and engineering group that is youthful, dedicated, knowledgeable and deeply rooted in the sense of responsibility.

Based in the city of Shenzhen in Guangdong province, the company focuses on providing a complete range of localization services into Chinese, Tetum and other languages.

CCJK is a superior quality Tetum language translation service provider that helps to bridge communication gaps to help clients communicate more effectively. Without effective communication the language barrier is often a major stumbling block to companies seeking to expand into new markets.

Our Tetum language translation services include: business documents, legal documents, healthcare documents, financial statements and other documentation, webpage translation and personal documents among others.

CCJK also offers a 24 hour / 7 days a week special translation service, open to anyone who needs help in an emergency or to match world time zones that differ from their base country of operation.

Tetum Translation Service

CCJK Technologies offers professional Tetum translation services for English to Tetum and Tetum to English language pairs. Our Tetum translators are native professional Tetum linguists and are specialized in IT, medical, financial, medical, manufacture and more other subjects. We undertake all types of projects, simple or complex from companies or individuals who need our assistance.

CCJK offers Tetum translation services of the highest quality with a very fast turnaround time. The rates for our services are very competitively priced. CCJK’s Tetum language translation service is provided by native linguists, each one highly accredited, trained and field experienced.

When translating English documents to Tetum, CCJK understands the need not only for complete accuracy, but also for ensuring the translation is culturally adapted. That is why the translators performing your English to Tetum translation will be highly qualified, native Tetum speakers.

High Quality Tetum Translations

Selecting Tetum Translators

Our criterion for selecting Tetum Translators is simple: choose only the very best! Our Tetum Translators are invited to go through our rigorous examination process only if they have proven industry-specialist knowledge topped with a minimum of three years translation experience. This system is a robust platform where we implement our criteria during the selection of linguists.

Managing Tetum Translations:

Our Tetum Translations are handled by friendly project managers who provide support and advice before, during and after completion of each translation project. Our quality control system allows us to provide unprecedented levels of translation quality.

CCJK is also proficient in Desk Top Publishing. Our vast experience in delivering Tetum Translation projects in the same format and layout as the original file makes us a preferred choice for the translation of websites and ready-to-print leaflets, manuals and information guides.

Tetum Language Introduction

Tetum is a national language and one of the two official languages of East Timor. It is also used in the parts of West Timor bordering East Timor, particularly in Belu Regency.

The other official language of East Timor is Portuguese, and some dialects of Tetum have been significantly influenced by it, not only in their vocabulary, but also in aspects of their grammar.

Tetum is a member of the Malayo Polynesian branch of Austronesian languages, spoken by roughly a million people living in East Timor. The language has been given official status since the country gained independence in 2002.

People in West Timor also speak the language although that part of the country forms part of Indonesia. The Tetum language is spoken in East Timor, Indonesia, Malaysia, and by imigrants in Australia, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

Tetum comprises four distinct dialects: Tetun-Dii, Tetun-Terik, Tetun-Belu and Nana’ek; each one spoken in specific parts of the country.

Indigenous Tetum Vocabulary

The Tetum name for East Timor is Timór Lorosa’e, which means “Timor of the rising sun”, or, less poetically, “East Timor”; lorosa’e comes from loro “sun” and sa’e “to rise, to go up”. The noun for “word” is liafuan, from lia “voice” and fuan “fruit”. Some more words in Tetum:

aas – “high”

aat – “bad”

been – “water”

belun – “friend”

boot – “big”

di’ak – “good”

domin – “love”

ema – “person, people”

fatin – “place”

feto – “woman”

foho – “mountain”

fuan – “fruit”

funu – “war”

han – “food”

hemu – “drink”

hotu – “all”

ida – “one”

ki’ik – “little”

kraik – “low”

labarik – “child”

lafaek – “crocodile”

lais – “fast”

lalenok – “mirror”

laran – “inside”

lia – “language”

liafuan – “word” (from lian – voice and fuan – fruit)

lian – “voice”, “language”

loos – “true”

lulik – “sacred”

mane – “man”

maromak – “god”

moris – “life”

rain – “country”

tasi – “sea”

tebes – “very”

teen – “dirt”

toos – “hard”

uluk – “first”

ulun – “head”

East Timor Introduction

East Timor , officially named Timor-Leste, is a state in Southeast Asia. It comprises the eastern half of the island of Timor, the nearby islands of Atauro and Jaco, and Oecusse, an exclave on the northwestern side of the island, within Indonesian West Timor. The small country of 15,410 km²(5,400 sq mi) is located about 640 km (400 mi) northwest of Darwin, Australia.

In the 16th century, East Timor was colonized by Portugal and was known as Portuguese Timor until Portugal’s decolonization of the country. In late 1975, East Timor declared its independence, but later that year was invaded and occupied by Indonesia and was declared Indonesia’s 27th province the following year. In 1999, following the United Nations-sponsored act of self-determination, Indonesia relinquished control of the territory and East Timor became the first new sovereign state of the 21st century on May 20, 2002. East Timor is one of only two predominantly Roman Catholic countries in Asia, the other being the Philippines.