Last month, one of our valued clients offers us a new project with volume about 40,000wds. This is an operation manual about a kind of display. All of the screenshots in the manual have been localized in advance.

So we must follow the translation for all menu items and keys which appear in the screenshot during our translation to keep the consistency between body text and screenshots.

Meanwhile, the client provided the translated .ttk files which included the translation for all menu items and keys for our reference. .ttk file can only be opened by Catalyst and it is inconvenient to make reference as some translators don’t have such software.

We can convert into tmx file by ttk files and import into TM for translator’s use. However, it is also not so easy for translators to make reference. How can we do for easy reference during the translation? We can create Termbase based on the .ttk files.

1. convert into tmx file by the ttk files.

2. use sdlx to convert the tmx into excel bilingual file.

3. use multiterm 2007 converter to convert the excel file into xml file.

4. use multiterm 2007 to import the xml file.

5. create the mdb file and link it into workbench.

Now you can directly refer to the translation which appears in the right top of the workbench interface if you meet the menu item or key during the translation.

If you don’t have multiterm 2007, you can directly convert excel into txt with some attributes, thus we can also create the Termbase in version 5.0.