9. Remember CLEAR principle.

C stands for “clear” don’t leave any vague information in the readers’ mind. Please use the clear expression to convey your intension. You should also use words that are frequently used in the daily life; discard that ambiguous rhetoric. Besides, you should use the brief and clear words that the reader can understand easily and are familiar with. Your writing should have a natural and friendly style.

L stands for “logical”. The structure of your writing should follow the logical principal. General speaking, four steps are to be taken to ensure logical order. At first, you should make an introduction, secondly, in the body part, you should give logical details about your key points; thirdly, you can reach a natural conclusion; at last, you end the whole writing with a proper sentence.

E stands for “empathetic”. It means you should think and write as if you were in the readers’ shoes. Ask yourself this question— How will the readers like when they read your letters? If you can write based at the readers’ standpoint, you will make any necessary modification to make sure your letter is clear and suitable for the target receivers.

A stands for “accurate”. You must ensure that all the related information such as time, date, name, event, as well as statistics is accurate. Actually, a minor mistake for this detail may bring trouble to the reader and make the reader feel repulsion for you from then on.

R stands for “right”. Before sending the mail, you must double check it. You have to be sure that not only the information but also your spelling is right.

10. Use modern words.

The long and out-of-fashion expression can never make sense for your writing; it will only make the readers feel confused and bored. Discard those old terminologies and fulfill your writing with some modern words to make them look like cheerful.

The above ten is my view about making good business writing. There must be many other good points that I missed. Would you like to share your experience with us? If so, please do not hesitate to contact me to [email protected].