Have you consider to build particular websites?People can share informations, show the latest behavior or events, introduce company profile to catch potential customer,especially own a E-shop to sell products. To certain companies, the static sites is a good choice.

There are three core static network pape wrought technique:Html,CSS and JavaScript. What’s html 5?what’s the amazing CSS?What does javascript can change?Let me introduce them to you:

1.HTML:(Hyper Text Markup Language)

HTML refers to Hyper Text Markup Language which is used to describe the webpage by using a series of markup tags.HTML is not programming language, but a kind of markup language.

So what’s Markup tags?For instance, is a markup tag which means line-feed;it will not show in the webpage,but the content will execute line-feed.

1-1 Html 5,Xhtml,html 4.01,html 4.0…:

We usually meet the clients who have the demands, using html 5,CSS and javascript to develop their websites. So what does html 5 mean?what’s the relationship between html and html 5?And guess what?

Of course,you answer is right.The hyper text markup language is updating.It’s just the updated vision of html.

HTML 4.0 ——released On December 18th of 1997,recommendated by W3C
HTML 4.01——(slight improved based on 4.0) released on December 24th of 1999, recommendated by W3C

1-2 XHTML:(EXtensible HyperText Markup Language)

—— it’s really similar to html 4.01. Xhtml is really user-friendly and amazing by supporting all major browers. XHTML use an XML application manner to define the markup language.
What’s more,XHTML is a stricter and more pure HTML version which is useful and popular in recent years.

1-3 HTML 5:

——official draft was announced on January 22th of 2008, and continue to be improving.
HTML5 is the new standards of HTML, XHTML and HTML DOM and it will replace them in the future.
Besides,there are some earlier visions such as html 2.0 and html 3.2 .

CSS & JavaScript:

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