I have been dealing with Furuno project for two months. One manual follows another. Really, after working on that for such a long time, I really have a lot to say. Now, I think it’s the right moment to write some thing down.

The first purpose: it is better to have a pen in hand than a good memory. The second purpose: Correct the mistakes if you have committed them, and avoid them if you have not.

CCJK have handled Furuno project for many years, and have processed a lot of files. Our translation memory is very big, more than 22,000 KB. Almost every member in language department has dealt with this project more or less. As a result, translation consistency becomes a big problem.

For one terminology, there may be two or three or even more translations in Translation Memory. Translators and editors always puzzled with how to choose the best suitable translation. After discussing, we list many common words and phrases. The person who deals with this project can use this as a reference.

Plotter 测绘仪 Tab 选项卡
Interswitch 互换开关 afterglow 余辉
Alarm 警报 Ship 船只
Chart display 航海图显示 Card slot 卡槽
Echo 回波 Station 信标站/电台
white noise 白色噪讯 Avoidance Circle Area 回避区域
S/N ratio 信噪比 proximity alarm 邻近警报
Anchor watch 锚位监视 Rain clutter 雨雪杂波
Heading line 船首线艏线 Filter 滤波器
Head-up 船首向上 Vector 向量
Course-up 航向向上 Track 轨迹
North-up 真北向上 ENC 电子航海图
stern-up 船尾向上 IHO 国际海道测量组织
Control 控制钮 HO 海道测量局
Range 距离/范围 Log 计程仪
Range scale 量程 Safety contour 安全周线
range ring 距离圈 Steering 操舵
range marker 距标 beep 蜂鸣声
Inscribe 标注 rhumb line 罗盘方向线
Plot 测绘 Monitor 监视器
reference target 参照目标
Chart 航海图
Turning line 调谐线
Blank sector
Rate of turn (ROT)


With the above glossary, translator may feel a little easy when choosing among different translations. But one point should to be paid attention to: this is only for common use, not ruling out the exceptions. Let’s take “range” for example, when it indicate a distance from A to B, we use 距离. But when it indicates a scope between C and D, we should translate it as 范围. Here are two examples: Range to Waypoint 至航路点的距离 Setting range is 0-100. 设置范围为 0-100。

As for UI terms, according to client’s latest requirement, we need to remain them in English. So, in graphs, word shown on screen should remain in English. And in text, UI terms should remain in English, with Chinese translation in brackets following English. Following is an example:

After the distress alert has been sent, the screen for “WAIT FOR ACK” appears.

遇难警报发送后,屏幕上出现 “WAIT FOR ACK”(等待确认)。