Recent days, i posted many topics about news translation and intended to analyze the news text and news translation from relevance theoretical perspective. Relevance theory has enjoyed an increasingly important place in pragmatics, cognitive science and translation studies. It possesses a great explanatory power in translation and it also can be effectively applied to news translation.

I started with an overview of news and features of news. Translation of news exerts a direct influence on the across-cultural communications which is an ostensive-inferential process.

Another factor that should be taken into consideration is context. Context, as a set of assumptions, is actually the cognitive environment. Meanwhile, news translation can also be regarded as an inter-lingual interpretive use.

The translated text should represent the original news in relevant aspects. The translator should only preserve the information relevant to their cognitive environment and leave out the irrelevant information so as to guarantee successful news translation.

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Approaches provided such as indirect translation and direct translation are introduced with some news texts and their translation as examples. i analyzed the news samples and applied the translation approaches to them in the hope that the notions and translation approaches can provide a better understanding of the nature of translation and solve some problems in the practice of news translation.