Study on “Beizi”

In Chinese, there is variety of “Beizi” in the category of “Beizi”, while in English varied “Beizi” owns a distinct name which doesn’t have the same connections. In English translation practices, people have realized that the languages in varied areas have reflected the nation’s opinion on subjects. When people name something, it shows the different sorting methods. For instance:

(wine) glass: emphasize that it is made of glass,"measuring glass"is usually made of glass, so it is called “measuring glass”.

(coffee/tea) cup: mainly refers to a round container which can be used to hold liquid, both with handle or without, also the medal cup with varied shape and raw material falls into the category of cup.

vacuum flask: actually refers to vacuum heat preservation container, which share the same name with vacuum flask(热水瓶).

Beer mug: refers to thick container with handle, it can be made of varied raw materials.

For another instance:

people mistakenly think that rose is equal to “玫瑰”, actually, they mean two kinds of subjects.”Rose” is a specific flower with the scientific name “Rosa rugosa” , by contrast, “Rose” refers to any of numerous shrubs or vines of the genus Rosa, having prickly stems, pinnately compound leaves, and variously colored, often fragrant flowers. Rose has different kinds such as Rosa rugosa, China rose, rosebush etc.