As social being,we were,are and will be maintaining the relationships with our families,friends,schoolmates,colleagues etc.In fact,It’s just what we all instinctively do in daily life without any hesitation.

When it comes to business world, it’s also a simple rule of trade and marketing success to stay in touch with clients and prospects,even the potentials you may not know certainly.You should keep contacts with clients and prospects on a regular basis to impress them,or they are going to forget who you are, what you do and what makes your products and services so special.

There are so many useful tips given by predecessor who have been successful in business world by maintaining the relationships .What’s I want to mention is two ways some of account manager may ignore.

1. E-mails:

Regular emails just like a small but steady stream which will impress the clients deeply eventully. Email Direct Marketing is the most usual way to catch the potential customer,but also the useful way to maintain the network.

On the occasion of festivals and holidays, show your sincere greetings to your business relations too.It’s great to keep the contact chain open by informing clients about your work,promotion activities,or even recent testimonials through a regular e-mailer.It depends on practice to find the cycle law on a weekly or monthly basis.

2. Social network:

Keeping contact with your clients in social media networks is another way to maintain the relationships with customers.

To international markets, Linkedin is a prior choice for us while Alibaba is in local markets because of their commercial atmosphere.Besides, there also are something we should pay attention to such as twitter, mircoblog, etc.

When promoting yourself among them,it is significant to enrich your personal information and try to involve yourself into many discussions and activities. Besides, you can expand your network and get more new contacts through the old. However, it’s a long-term task.

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